Things to know before you go to the show:

Due to the numerous riders that will be participating from SHS, it is important to notify Robin as soon as you know whether or not you will be participating.

The show bill posted at the barn will contain information as to which class you will show and the order of the classes. There is not a time listed just class number- so you will need to be prepared to arrive early and wait if there is a large class of students in the classes before you. Please be patient and understand that each student is important. Root for the other riders, and you will appreciate it when SHS riders support you during your time in the ring.

Information regarding what to wear is located by clicking HERE as a .pdf from the association newsletter.

Riders are generally required to"school" at the facility before they show. This means that riders (and parents when younger children participate) should expect to groom and tack up their horse/pony and ride in a practice arena under the supervision of Robin to warm up the rider and the horse/pony. Once schooled the rider should change into "show" attire and wait for instructions from trainer or assistant to know when to get back into the saddle or how long until the rider will need to wait for their class.
Once the class is completed, riders should return the animal to their stall and return the tack and equipment or hand the horse/pony off to the rider waiting for their class to show on that horse. With such a large group of students participating it is not unusual for a horse/pony to be shown 2-3 times by different students.

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